Cheescake Factory Cajun Chicken Littles Recipe

The Cheesecake Factory’s cajun chicken littles are delightlfully crisp and crunchy, yet pack a tasty cajun chicken little zing that delights diners of all ages and taste inclinations.

The recipe for the Cheesecake Factory’s cajun chicken littles is actually quite simple to replicate – as if taken from the Cheesecake Factory Menu.  It’s just a matter of buying some chicken breasts, (the higher quality the better) slicing them into slightly-bigger-than-bite size pieces, breading them with the special Cheesecake Factory cajun chicken little seasoning, and then frying the chicken cutlets to a golden brown – preferably in something fairly healthy — like vegatable oil.

Cheesecake Factory Cajun Chicken Littles are normally accompanied by mashed potatoes and corn succotash, or it can stand alone as an appetizer with dipping sauces.

The only slightly unknown part  of this process is making your cajun seasoning for your chicken littles, which can be done by mixing together the following ingredients in small bowl.

  • One and a half tsp. ground cayenne pepper
  • two tsp. dried thyme
  • Half tsp.  dried oregano
  • One tbsp. onion powder
  • One tbsp. garlic powder
  • Two tsp. white pepper
  • Two tsp.  ground black pepper

And that’s really all there is to making a batch of delicious Cheesecake Factory Cajun Chicken Littles.  Happy frying and tasty eating!