Chilis Menu

Chili’s menu is something to behold. Seriously – it is.

There is much to separate the Chilis menu from the regular ilk that dots the chain restaurant landscape of America. Unlike many restaurant franchises, Chili’s has a proud and storied history, with roots in actual home cooking and gourmet casual food.


As Frank Sinatra once said while very full of booze at a high end nightclub: “You better get on down to Chili’s … now that’s a class joint.”

We’re not kidding. Sinatra actually had a weakness for the Chilis menu that continued up to his death in the late 1990s.  Not many people know that.


For starters on the Chilis menu, how could you go wrong with the chips and salsa. They’re fresh, simple, and highly addictive.  You can’t really eat just one bite of chilis salsa.  Many people come to chilis for the chips and salsa alone – and that’s before they ever crack a menu!

The appetizers on the Chilis menu are varied but solid.  You’ve got the kicked up queso, the texas cheese fries, the bottomless tostada chips, and the western egg rolls just for starters!


Also look for the Chili’s menu special: “Two people for $20″ promotion that appears from time to time. It’s a terrific addition throughout the year enabling a couple to eat very well at a very affordable price.


the chili’s menu has it all. Steaks, chicken, fish.  But particularly popular are the margarita chicken, the chicken crispers, the classic sirloin, and the flame-grilled ribeye.

For dessert, feast your taste buds on the molten chocolate cake or the chocolate chip paradise pie – among other outstanding sweet offerings.

Chilis Menu

All this plus awesome sandwiches, big mouth burgers – and more. As a friend of ours in the university years once mentioned – it’s always a good decision to hit the Chili’s menu.  Like a good cold can of Colt 45 – it works every time.

Chili’s menu – a tasty feast for the eyes, the mouth, the soul, and the state of your financial well being.  Look for a location in a heavily-trafficked mall or shopping complex near you.