Red Lobster Recipes

Red Lobster menu is quite different than other lobster restaurants’ menus because of a few reasons.  The fare is appropriated by the many seasons of the year, and the Red Lobster menu seems to change with the region of the location even from one side of a city to the next.  With Red Lobster having so many establishments it’s obvious that the Red Lobster menu will have variations throughout the United States.

Of course, one staple of the Red Lobster menu throughout the nation are the delicious Red Lobster Cheddar Bay Biscuits. More info on those deliciously appetizing freebies can be found elsewhere on this site. But for now – back to discussing the Red Lobster menu itself.

What you might find typical at most lobster restaurants you will not find on a Red Lobster menu, because the chefs at Red Lobster locations are great. Each Red Lobster location offers a variety of different free food from the moment you walk in, which is what really separates it from other lobster restaurants you would find anywhere else. A lot of restaurant chains tend practice this style of free food giveaways once the dinner party is seated, but it is perfected here.

The tremendous Red Lobster menu contains a variety of sections from starters, to appetizers, to lunch, and lunch specials, and dinner, and even dinner specials.  This is not what you would call a fast food restaurant, but Red Lobster is very fast because the menu items all use the same few ingredients to make the Red Lobster menu large, but still small enough to maintain expedited food orders.

While everything at Red Lobster is very delicious, not much beats the Red Lobster biscuits (if you want a recipe) and those are free and not even considered an appetizer, they’re more of a free lunch or dinner starter.  The beautiful thing about this restaurant menu is that it is so tremendous in size that you will never tire of it, and plus they also change their menu several times per year and add specials to it all of the time.

Also be sure to check out the Red Lobster Restaurant Happy Hour in Modesto, CA – there’s really nothing quite like it!

There are a few salads at Red Lobster but the Red Lobster menu is known much more for their soups than their salads, and their chowders in particular.  The clam chowder is really good, and the lobster bisque is even better.  The menu nutrition facts are better than you may have expected but have high calories and fat count.

Most dishes on the Red Lobster menu are relatively inexpensive, ranging anywhere from $15 dollars to $20 dollars for a dinner plate, but some dishes on the menu go even higher.  The most expensive item on the Red Lobster menu is the dual lobster tail entree which is $45, but you can add more lobster tails to it for an additional price.  Prices and menu items may vary by location.  Contact the local lobster restaurant or Red Lobster for more information about menu prices.  A lot of the soups are about $5, and the lunch specials are about $9.99.  They also offer an endless shrimp deal a few times a year when shrimp is inexpensive and plentiful and this is about $15 depending on location.

If you’re looking for an American food restaurant you’ve found it in Red Lobster, so be excited when you walk in and sit down to a delicious American food restaurant like this with this big of a menu and this good of prices (not to mention the portions are huge and the refills on soda are free usually).

Red Lobster menu offers a lot of variety, but try it all as soon as you can.  You can even get a restaurant gift card and go in and try it with that.  There are many good seafood restaurants so start trying this one now since it’s local and has good deals for you to try all of their great seafood.

Red Lobster Menu — Entrees

Whether it’s for lunch, or dinner the Red Lobster Menu will always satisfy, or they will aim to please your dining experience with their flavorful entrees.  The recommended item for the year is the dual lobster or the shrimp scampi because both are delicious and the servings are rather large.

Though Red Lobster is run by the Darden congolomerate, each individual Red Lobster restaurant has a flair all its own.  Cracking open a Red Lobster menu and ordering some delectable seafood is a good decision at any time of the year!