2015 Recipes Focus On Local, Organic Favorites

The age of the locavore is already in full swing, but only now is the locally sourced food movement starting to trickle down to your favorite chain restaurants.  Fresh food lovers rejoice, restaurants around the country – from Applebees to Red Lobster to the Olive Garden – are getting in on the act of organic food and drink.

Local Focus; Enhanced Flavor

No longer can America’s most popular restaurants afford to ignore the trend of providing fresh, locally-sourced ingredients to customers hungry for quality and taste.  Many chains are making an effort to engage with local farmers and fisherman to bring ingredients into the restaurants sourced from less than 100 miles away.  Tomatoes, halibut, and even chickens are now being provided, when possible, by supply chain partners much closer to a restaurant’s location.

Expect the Best

With a renewed focus on quality in 2015, Darden restaurants like Red Lobster and independent chains like Outback and Cheesecake factory will delight you with their renewed commitment to culinary excellence.

2015 Trend Continues

This year, we only expect this fast-moving trend to continue picking up speed, as coffee shops, diners, even fast food establishments attempt to capture a piece of the increasingly influential and lucrative “locavore” market.  Stay tuned for developments as covered by restaurant menu recipes!