Menu Manicotti Formaggio with Shrimp

Olive Garden has a new dish available today and it is the Manicotti Formaggio with Shrimp which is a specific kind of cheese with formaggio which means formed cheese and it comes with shrimp which may be farmed shrimp.  The new Olive Garden dish is on the Olive Garden Menu and is listed at only $10.99 at participating Olive Garden locations.

Olive Garden is an Italian restaurant that was formed in 1982 in the midwest and is classified as an American restaurant with Italian twist.  Most of it was actually created as an original style of Italian food.  American restaurants like the Olive Garden have large menus that change often.  In the changing menu at the Olive Garden the Manicotti Formaggio with Shrimp will be there for just a little while, but hopefully it’ll stay longer than normal.